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What does actually represent? is an online platform where you can find horny and hot hunks ready to perform in live sex shows. There are more than 80.000 models using this site to sell their high quality services. So many models are here ready to masturbate for you and to satisfy all of your most intimate desires. This site is a very easy to use one and a very well organised one. Available in 27 languages, is structured in Live Webcams, Videos, Add Credits, Login and Join Now. You can use the search option to find the perfect model for you. There are also a lot of criteria based on which you can find a model: language, rates, age, body type, hair color, weight, height, ethnicity as well as sex toys. The main page is full of live cams to choose from. Just put the mouse on one of these cams and you will see who is live.

Which services are free and which are paid?

There are a lot of free services on free emoticons to send while chatting, free registration, no interrupted chat for free after you register, free messages to receive and send from and to any model. Do you want more? You have more! Free performer videos (each model has the option to record free videos that you can watch on his profile page, for free), free models photos (accessing a model 'Complete Profile' you can see his image gallery) and free video sessions. In this part of the site, you can chat with a model in the text mode, viewing and hearing him for free. As regards the paid services of the, the private sessions are those who are not free. You can pay for these sessions with credits, through a cheap, secure and anonymous payment way. If you want to add credits to your E-wallet, you can do it without having to pay any additional costs.

How can I have a private session with a model and how much it costs?

When you decide to enter a private session, just enter the private session of the model you like. The model's price per minute is published next to the private session's enter button. This price is set up by the model himself. In case that your E-wallet doesn't have enough credits, you will automatically be redirected to the page where you can add credits that you need for the private session. You can press the 'Leave' button anytime you want to exit from a private session. If you spend one minute with a model, you will be charged for one minute. But, if you will spend one minute and a few seconds, you will be charged for two seconds. After leaving your private session, you can rate the model's performance with 1 to 5 stars. You can also write a comment that will appear on the model's profile. Considering how cool, sexy and kinky these models are, your comments will be always positive! 

Review Pros

  • Very sexy models
  • Pre-recorded videos for VIP members
  • Excellent browsing and nav
  • Private chat has many features

Review Cons

  • Some low-quality cams
  • Few online performers

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