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JerkMate For Bitcoins Review:

Everyone knows that Jerk Mate is one of the best places around for finding a hot sexual partner online, but did you know that you can actually pay for the service using Bitcoins? That's right – cryptocurrency is the new hottest trend online and being able to pay for this anonymously – and quickly – with Bitcoins has spread to services such as webcam streaming platforms. Today, I'm going to be telling you all about Bitcoins and Jerk Mate: this camgirl hub has always been my favorite place to go and the fact they're now offering Bitcoins is fantastic! Let's get into the review and talk more about what's on offer here.

The interface of Jerk Mate

Perhaps my favorite element of Jerk Mate is the simplicity of the interface and how it makes it really convenient for you to go ahead and meet new chicks online. They've streamlined the entire process of you hunting down hotties and now it's an absolute walk in the park to go and find the goddesses you desire – especially with the added benefit of Bitcoin webcam action! You'll never have to jerk off alone again and that's basically the central message at Jerk Mate: they're here for you to find the most delicious companions in your quest to masturbate over whatever it is you want to.

How Jerk Mate Works

When you load up Jerk Mate for the first time, you'll be prompted to go ahead and engage in a quick configuration progress where a bot will help you find a perfect match. This begins with asking if you want to find a man or a woman – pick your option and then decide what race you want her to be. Currently, this Bitcoin webcam platform allows you to pick out white, Asian, ebony and Latina ladies: the big four as we refer to them in the industry! Once that's done, select her hair color, body type and you'll instantly be paired with a juicy angel that's ready and willing to help you jerk off. What's cool about Jerk Mate is that a lot of these girls stream for free – you can chuck them a Bitcoin tip or two if you want to, though! It helps keep the action hot and ensures that everyone can visit Jerk Mate and enjoy the stellar array of beautiful camgirls who frequent there.

Closing remarks on Jerk Mate's Bitcoin service

Look folks – I don't need to tell you how great Bitcoin is, right? But what I can do is profess my confidence in the Jerk Mate platform. These guys are world-class producers of fun adult material and it's practically a never ending stream of live camming entertainment that you'll struggle to find an issue with. The bottom line is this: if you're in the business for a website that allows you to tip camgirls with Bitcoin, Jerk Mate is exactly that. Thanks for reading and be sure to head on over to Jerk Mate for your daily dose of webcam fun! Cheers and take care.

Review Pros

  • Accepts cryptocurrency
  • Thousands of camgirls
  • Great interface

Review Cons

  • Addictive platform
  • Some non-HD cams

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