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StripChat Gay – a full look

Hello friends and welcome to my review here today on StripChat's gay section. While everyone knows that the competition in the female webcam space is incredibly high, sometimes you want to go ahead and just watch a dude play with his big cock, right? Now I should mention sooner rather than later that these are technically 'male' webcams and that doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to be into streaming for dudes … but it turns out that all of the guys online were doing exactly that. Anyway, let's break down this site and see what it's got to offer us horny gay punters who're looking for some all-male streaming!

First thoughts on StripChat Gay

I loved how on the left-hand side of this website, you've got the ability to filter the models based on a number of different characteristics and categories. For instance, they have age brackets here, so if you're looking for daddies, grandpas or something a little younger, it's convenient to get your hands on exactly what you desire. I now see that down in the 'orientation' section, they have the ability for you to pick bisexual, gay or straight. Of the 105 fellas who were streaming at the time of this review, 90 were bisexual, 11 were straight gay and 4 were straight. Basically, 90%+ of the dudes you'll find on StripChat are willing to get their cocks out for other dudes. If you're looking for a hot jerk off bud, this might be the webcam community for you!

Other filtering systems at StripChat include the ability to select body types (skinny, muscular, chunky, etc.) and ethnicity. Almost all of the dudes streaming live XXX cam action on StripChat/Gay were either white or Latino, with an equal mix of the two. Sorry guys: if you're looking for Arab or black guys, it might not be the best place to visit in order to get them. Perhaps my only complaint about the setup here is the fact that you're unable to pick multiple categories at the same time – you can only go one-by-one. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, but I suppose I'm asking for a little too much here, especially since such little revenue comes from the guy portion of these streaming services.

Conclusion: StripChat Gay final thoughts

So yeah – I'd rather not get bogged down into talking too much more about StripChat/Gay, because I do believe that I've covered most of what I need to cover. The only thing I will mention is that the general cam quality here is good and it's totally free to head on over and try their streams out – no account is required. Bottom line: do yourself a favor and go check out the gorgeous men provided by StripChat/Gay. These hung studs are ready and waiting to fuck their asses on cam and let off thick ropes of sticky goodness until the cows come home! Thanks for reading: may your next jerking session via StripChat Gay be the best one ever.

Review Pros

  • Good category list
  • High quality webcams
  • Free to watch

Review Cons

  • Single category selection
  • No black dudes

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