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Chaturbate XXX site review

Chaturbate has long been one of the top destinations online for anyone who's looking to enjoy some top quality live webcam action. Today, we're going to look at exactly what Chaturbate brings to the table, why it's so popular and whether or not you should head on over yourself to enjoy some of the content that they've got on offer. Let's go ahead and see if Chaturbate's options are any good and if you, the consumer, are going to enjoy what they have. Best Sex Cam absolutely loves Chaturbate, but we want to explain why and give you a good look at what's going on. Continue reading down below for a full, thorough live sex cam review of Chaturbate from an expert!

The homepage of Chaturbate in focus

So the first thing that I want to do for this review is talk to you a little bit about the homepage of Chaturbate. This is naturally one of the most important things to consider, since it's your first port of call for XXX entertainment on the platform. Chaturbate's choice here to show you the featured live performers is a good one: it ensures that you're getting access to the very best live performers out there. Note that the 'featured' option seems to combine things such as popularity, online time and contributions made to the stream. I'm not entirely sure how they go about working out who to feature, but I can promise you that what you'll see is pretty decent, quality streaming entertainment. Chaturbate also pulls in some respectable numbers when it comes to viewers too – lots of the people here have thousands of active watchers, with some having over 10,000!

You'll notice at the very top of the website, Chaturbate allows you to filter material from various performer types, including girls, dudes, couples and transsexuals. Out of all the major platforms, Chaturbate is very much the one that focuses on couples the most. They have so many girls and guys fucking one another live on stream – quite cool if you ask me. They've also got a number of tags below this filtering bar that allows you to further refine your desires. Some of the ones I'd recommend checking out include Asian, anal, squirt, Latina, BDSM, lesbian and redhead. It's hard to say exactly how many streamers are on Chaturbate at any one time, but around 1,000 seems like a good approximation. Chaturbate is certainly popular and I have little concern that you won't find a top quality performer to drain you on a daily basis.

Watching streams at Chaturbate

The methods of streaming via Chaturbate are quite a bit different from other platforms out there: they have a large focus on free streams that you don't need to pay in order to access. What the girls here typically do is give you the ability to contribute tokens to reach goals and unlock special rewards, such as access to Snapchat, exclusive videos and that type of thing. Suffice to say that if you're looking for a place that won't cost you money in order to enjoy what's on offer, Chaturbate does exactly that. In fact, at Best Sex Cam, we think this is one of the best options around for people that want to enjoy legitimately free live webcam sex action. It's crazy to think that just a few years ago, this type of thing would've been totally bonkers. Yet here we are – anyone can just head on over to Chaturbate right now and see all of these delicious goddesses performing live without paying a penny to do so!

Average webcam stream quality here is certainly on the upper end: Chaturbate really does a great job of showing off the best action that's around since so many of the performers get themselves high-end streaming equipment. Chaturbate also has a big focus on chat and communication, with countdown timers available so that guys can contribute to enjoy different types of experiences. For instance, one of the girls I watched required 2,000 tokens in order to do an oil show – which she promptly did for the enjoyment of all the guys watching at home. I must give a shout out to this babe who goes by the name of Aynmarie – she's going to drain you and then some, that's for sure.

Free videos from Chaturbate

In recent years, Chaturbate has really started to stress the social side of their platform, which means you'll have little issue finding a sexy collection of videos and photos in their 'free media' tab. What this basically does is allow various girls to share naughty clips and nude photographs of themselves just before they go live – very similar to how a platform like Snapchat would do it. You can even turn off the 'live now' feature and just see all of the uploaded clips and images if you want – they're quite fun and while not strictly a part of the webcam segment of the site, still a great way to enjoy yourself while you're spending time here. Best Sex Cam is always looking for the most modern destinations around and this type of thing really gives Chaturbate a top running. They've gone from strength to strength in this regard and it's going to be really exciting to see where this live sex webcam community is going to be in a few years. We have little doubt it'll still be a world-class location to watch camgirls and couples having fun!

Final thoughts on Chaturbate

That's pretty much everything that I wanted to cover on the topic of Chaturbate. Hopefully this review gives you a decent amount of information on what to expect from the platform as well as my personal opinion on the best way to enjoy it. As mentioned previously, this is a great free site that doesn't require you to even sign up to watch live streams for as long as you want without being bothered by annoying popups or prompts to create an account – it's great. Anyway, thanks for reading this review: now head on over to Chaturbate and start enjoying some of the finest webcam babes out there!

Review Pros

  • Free streams available
  • Huge number of models
  • High quality webcams
  • Good sorting options

Review Cons

  • Small interface details
  • Limited transsexual cams

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