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Cam 4 – our review

Hey there and welcome to yet another review on the Best Sex Cam platform. If you don't know by now, we're the go-to destination online for all of your needs surrounding the best live sex communities the Internet has. Instead of wasting your own time going around to dozens of different destinations, all you have to do is visit this one and enjoy all of the high quality reviewing and analysis we've got on the biggest (and best) sex streaming services around. In this review, we're going to be taking a little look at Cam 4 together – so let's get into the swing of things right away and see what's on offer here.

First impressions of Cam 4

It's always nice when a website shows you the goods straight away – that's something that Cam 4 seems to do particularly well. When you land on the homepage here, you'll be presented with a bevy of available streamers that are online and looking for fun. By default, profiles are sorted based on a 'trending' feature, which I think optimizes to show you the most popular people who're currently streaming and able to be watched. Note that on the left-hand side of the site, you've got a 'filter cams' section which gives you complete control over what's shown to you. Let's look a little bit closer at these filters so you can know what exactly it is you're able to see.

Cam 4 Filters explored

So the first filter – and probably the most common to fiddle with – is the gender one. By default, you'll be shown all of the people on the website, but if you just want to see males, females or transsexuals, you can go ahead and select them from this section. Note that you don't just have to pick one here: you can go for any combination and Cam 4 will show you them all together. Additionally, an 'orientation' option is available for people that want to enjoy content from gay, straight or bisexual performers. Next up you've got body types: perfect for those that have a particular taste when it comes to watching people perform. There are quite a few options here ranging from slim and petite all the way through to large – pick your poison and be presented with a person that's just right for your preferences. Other filters offered by Cam 4 include ones covering ethnicity, hair color and location: it's a real piece of cake to find the perfect streamer thanks to this advanced filtering system!

It's also worth mentioning that you're able to sort every cam filtering you make based on a number of different metrics, including the highest number of viewers, average rating, age and 'recently online'. One thing I think that Cam 4 does really well is offer you all the tools you need to find the right streaming performer. It's never been easier to get your hands on world-class entertainment from amateurs who love nothing more than to strip down nude and get rude while you watch them on this website.

Watching a stream at Cam 4

When you finally decide on an entertainer to put a smile on your face, go ahead and click on their stream – you'll be taken through to their chat room and live feed. One thing you'll notice quite early on with Cam 4 is that a large majority of the performers here all operate utilizing some of the highest quality webcams I've come across. We're talking about top notch HD quality – something that I know a lot of people reading this are going to be very happy with. For me, nothing is quite as important as the objective metrics when it comes to camgirl entertainment. Everyone wants to see these delicious, juicy goddesses in high definition – that's exactly what you get as well!

Feel free to go ahead and communicate with the ladies when you're there: Cam 4 has a top quality chat interface that allows you to say whatever you want to these naughty minxes as they get nude and rude in front of their webcams. Cam 4 also has a few cool game features and tip functions if that's something you're interested in – you can also activate sex toys with tokens if you so desire. I think it's fair to say that in terms of interaction, few platforms do it better than Cam 4. These guys are at the forefront of the community angle of live cam streaming and I think that this is a fantastic thing for them to market themselves on. So many of the girls really love to read their chats too: they'll react to most of what you say, although I've got a pretty good feeling that you'll be too busy using your hands for something else – typing likely isn't going to be one of your priorities.

What I dislike about Cam 4

In the interests of balance and neutrality, I do just want to mention a few things about Cam 4 that aren't all that perfect – this should help you realize that no webcam community is truly the best. First of all, Cam 4 does utilize adverts from time to time over their streams – I think this is mainly for non-members though, so you might be able to bypass them by creating an account. Additionally, there aren't too many couple cameras here, so if you're only interested in seeing two people going at it, your options might be a bit limited.

Cam 4 conclusion: some final thoughts

So where does Cam 4 stand in the grand scheme of things? Honestly, I think it's pretty safe to say that this is a great platform with a lot of things going for it. I'm a fan of Cam 4 and I think that most readers here will have a great time enjoying all of the high quality content that they've got for you to check out. My complaints are relatively minor and overall, the experience is incredibly erotic and worthy of you experiencing. Anyway – that's all for this review. How about you head on over to Cam 4 now and enjoy all of the top quality live XXX action they've got waiting for you? You know it makes sense!

Review Pros

  • Huge selection of cams
  • Free live sex shows
  • Easy navigation
  • Advanced chat features

Review Cons

  • Not all shows are free
  • Limited couples

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